Shrimp North Florida

Shrimp North Florida

Here are the popular hot spots. If you want daily reports you need to join the forums, there is a menu tab at the top of this site. The forums were started in 2010, and we have over 3300+ members. The forum names were ripped off and bootlegged, beware. We show our Stats at the bottom of our forum, so you can be assured you are at the Academy Of Shrimping, the gold standard.

 These are the popular hot spots in the Northern region.

Green Cove Springs – Popular Places

Gainsville, Florida

Head north on Waldo road and continue as it becomes US 301 until you reach Starke (Waldo – avoid the speed traps).

At Starke take SR 16 East until you reach the junction with US 17, you’re now in Green Cove Springs. Launch from the public ramp at Governor’s Park, which is about 2-3 miles north of the junction of SR 16 and US 17 on the right hand side.

  • There is another launch ramp about
  • ½ mile up the road at Black Creek but this may not be a Public ramp.

6pvp07If you do not have sewn webbing on your net, go to a retail outlet and purchase an inexpensive mono net. Buy a roll of duct tape and duct tape right above the lead line on both sides. Both sides should be stuck to each other.

Do not TAPE the long stringers. Some use a 5 gallon bucket as a guide to stretch their net out as they tape. If you need to remove the tape, use a heat gun with caution. WD-40 is said to help.




Welaka : Hot Spot September-October

  • Welaka is off US 17 approx 15 miles south of Palatka… West of Pomona Park off CR 309… Ramp is at the end of 309….  Flounder are supposed to be thick in October
  •  Black Creek  N 30-02.515, W 081-42.590
  • If you go North on the river after leaving Governor’s Park Black Creek is approx 1½ miles on the west shore line.
  • The shrimp congregate just west of the bridge. Usually the shrimp run smaller here but the numbers can make up for it.

Note: Be careful not to throw your net to close to the bridge pilings. Bad cast=lost net



West Shore – North of the Shands Bridge (SR 16)

Coordinates –  N 29-59.049, W 081-37.655


  • Head south from the ramp towards the Shands Bridge.
  • Look for the pier that extends a couple hundred yards from shore just north of the bridge.
  • The channel edge here drops away quickly from 3 ft to 20ft.
  • It’s on the channel edge where the shrimp will be congregated.
  • Warning: look at the crab traps they mark right around where the dropoff starts.
  • some days the shrimp will be in at around
  • 7-10 ft, some days – 17-20 ft.


South Of The Shands Bridge (on Eastern Shore)

Coordinates: N29-59.151, W 081-36.645

  • At this spot the channel edge is almost cliff like.
  • It goes from 3 ft to 30 ft in a span of 10 yards.
  • Look for the shrimp to be hanging around the middle depths approx 15-25ft.
  • This spot is a bit more sporadic. It can be hot and it can be cold. Limits can be quick when the action is hot.
  • HOT SPOT – Mouth of Doctors Lake or along the channel south of Shands Bridge.
  • Daylight hours in the deeper channels and holes in the St. Johns. The area around the Shands Bridge is the busiest.
  • After dark, the shrimp spread out all along the river in the shallower water. Those who have docks on the water are filling their five-gallon limits quickly.



Green Cove Springs

  • Shands Pier and the pier at Spring Park, both in Green Cove Springs
  • The Trout River Bridge on the north side

Palatka Areas

Take SR100 heading west off of  I-95 it will  turn into 20 it will take you right there. (Memorial Bridge) US 17/ SR100. Take route 17 North until it merges with route 100…go into East Palatka and go over bridge into Palatka. At the end of bridge go straight until you reach 3rd street…make a left and this will take you to the town launch site.


Shands Bridge: — Tips

  • The East shore seems to be more productive than the West.
  • Look for boats South of  the Shands bridge on the East side they wouldn’t be there if there were no shrimp.
  • DO NOT CAST on the North side of the East Shore fishing pier!!!! There is an old pier down there, and you WILL severely damage your net. People on the East pier cast south.
  • We found the best place to be is the West shore, and the people on the bridge seemed to be as productive as any of us in boats.
  • A shrimp light in the water, the side that was illuminated seemed to be more productive than the dark side of the boat.


Dunns Creek:  Member’s input

  • I have a house on a canal off Dunn’s creek
  • Shrimp all the way up into Crescent Lake
  • Shrimp the mouth of Lake Crescent
    •  Crescent City used to have a large paddle wheel steamer service it in the late 1800’s by way of Dunn’s Creek.
  • Dunn’s Creek averages about 100 yards wide and is mostly 8-15′ deep. There are holes over 50′ (one right in front of my canal).
  • The deeper holes are generally at the bends in the ‘creek’.
  • You will not have any problem getting any boat up Dunn’s Creek unless maybe you are with Tiger Woods!
  • Dunn’s Creek goes east from the St. Johns at marker 16, about 4-5 miles south of the hwy17 bridge in Palatka. It goes all the way to Crescent Lake which is a run of about 8 miles or so.
  • The creek does have a tidal flow which changes every 5-6 hours.
  • Sometimes the current puts lots of pressure on the crab trap floats!
  • It does have a tide of a foot or so daily depending on the winds near Jacksonville. For practical purposes the water is fresh water.
  • The shrimp do not taste as good as the winter shrimp (in my opinion) for peel & eats but they make great bait and are a heck of a lot better than shrimp from a grocery store! Seasoning and breading (fried) they are outstanding.



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