How To Shrimp Florida™

How To Shrimp Florida ™ On-Line Seminar

The How To Shrimp Florida™ On-line Seminar will give you an in depth look into the fundamentals necessary to do well. These seminars are tailored toward the night time winter shrimping season on the Atlantic side of Florida all year long depending on the location.

Capt Lee Noga’s seminars are so well attended she was unable to expand her tour to other areas of the State. She is 100% disabled veteran and can only do a few per year.

Now the seminar is on-line broken down over several videos. We highly recommend you join her on Facebook in a closed group, “Florida Shrimping Academy™ – Tips & Tricks™. There are anglers from all regions that will answer your questions. But, keep in mind, you have to do you research and due diligence too. Nobody is going to hand over the keys to anything but the group is kind, informative and will give opinions and suggestions, as well as share intel.

These videos are on YouTube on the Lee Noga channel. You can search on these words – How To Shrimp Florida™ and find the Lee Noga seminar on first page. Check this page often or subscribe to my YouTube channel (Lee Noga) so you can be notified when I upload new shrimping related videos.

November 12, 2016, Capt Lee Noga released her multiple patented “MacDaddy Fishing & Shrimping Smart Light. This light is controlled by programmed circuitry to perform 5 functions. This light was built in a factory. The video is mind blowing.

MacDaddy Smart Light™ – Click Here To See Video



Video links below. Just click on title.

How To Shrimp Florida™ Video Series

Click on these links below and start your education through the eyes of a warrior that has dedicated years to understanding this recreational sport.  Captain Lee currently writes about shrimping for 3 regions of Coastal Angler Magazine. Her strategies, techniques and desire to evolve the shrimping gear has made her Florida’s subject matter expert for recreational shrimping.How To Shrimp Florida™ Video Series:

How To Shrimp Florida ™” – Part 1 (Click Here – Length 15 minutes)

Part 1 talks about anchors and the dangers of anchoring in this sport. Safety and dangers. Using standard fishing anchors may cause you an accident. Anchor sets are stressed out in the sport of shrimping and “any ole” anchor may be your nemesis.


 How To Shrimp Florida ™ – Part 2 (Click Here – Length 30 minutes)

Part 2 talks about how to read a tide chart, overview of lighting and how to set a kill zone. Capt Lee has boarded you on her boat, and shares many of the mechanics, tips and tricks that will make your time on the river more productive.


How To Shrimp Florida ™ – Part 3 (Click Here – Length 15 minutes)

PART 3 talks about dip nets and dipping strategies. Capt Lee covers the mechanics and features of dip nets and what to look for when buying. She shares what she uses and why. She shares her dipping techniques.


How To Shrimp Florida ™ – Part 4 (Click Here – Length 30 minutes)

Part 4 talks in great detail about legal and illegal box frame nets, how to deploy, rigging a bridle, the safety issues, and everything you need to know before consideration to purchase. They can be purchased at


How To Shrimp Florida ™ – Titusville Pier (Click Here – Length 8 minutes)

Curious about the most famous dipping pier in Central Florida? Capt Lee Noga takes the camera in for a close look on how this pier transforms from a ghost town to a shrimp utopia. State of the Art Pier nets and lights can be purchased at


How To Shrimp Florida ™ – How To Setup Your Shrimping Lights  (Click Here, 21 minutes)

In depth segment on how to set up a basic shrimping light kill zone, using 2-3 lights. More advanced techniques are discussed to manipulate (herd) the shrimp including shifting the stream left or right. How to place a frame net and not interfere with dipping light zone. Nets and lights can be purchased from on-line, or at the Flea Market SUNDAY only 7:30-12:30pm Nov-May.


How To Shrimp Florida™ – How To Close The Frame & Box Net Sock Properly

Collapsible frame nets require a secure close at the end of the sock. Some times the ropes are 3/16″ (thick) or 1/8″ (thin). Some net makers use 140# clips vs 120# clips which are hard to compress. If you have the thin rope and the easy squeeze clip, just pinch the clip, wrap line around clip x2 and release clip. If your rope at the end of the back is the same 3/16th inch at the mouth of the bag or you have the hard to compress clip, use this technique.


How To Shrimp Florida™ – How We Catch Summer Shrimp During The Day (Click Here – 5 mins)

A cute video which will invite you join Capt Lee Noga out on the river giving you a front seat view of what it is like to go cast net shrimping in Florida during daylight. This is not something you can see from shore. So hop on the boat and lets see how it’s done.


Scalloping is every bit as addicting as shrimping. If you like to shrimp you will love chasing the sea biscuits in 4-6 foot of water. Hot areas include Crystal River, Homosassa, Steinhatchee, Keaton Beach. My favorite is the Steinhatchee & Keaton areas, from Edgewater it is almost 4 hours. But, I like having space….


Click title to see video. How to deploy a shrimping light using rope when using a 7 to 10 pound sinker. In 2017, we are adopting a new and much improved deploymenet technique. Using this technique takes the stress of the lamp cord. Whether you bought shrimping lights or made your lights, you want to ensure you do not add any cord stress during the deployment.



Scalloping reports on Facebook at the “Florida Shrimping Academy – Tips & Tricks™”. CLICK HERE. This is the largest group for shrimping, scalloping, lobstering and gator hunting. Interact with Capt Lee Noga