Custom Cast Nets

Custom Cast Nets Bait & Shrimp

The most sought after custom cast nets for bait & summer shrimp cast net is the Shumaker custom cast nets.  Ed Shumaker sews on bottom webbing to capture the summer shrimp and get them crawling towards the horn of the net. Commercial fisherman depend on the Shumaker bait net for their roe mullet, spanish mackeral and pogie hunts. These cast nets are sewn with the highest grade mono filament.

The Custom cast nets are dyed to any color you want.

Ed Shumaker is based out of Florida and ships his custom cast nets. He has over 45 years experience and one of few left that has mastered this craft. He has been in Florida Sportsman print magazine in articles in 2011 & 2013, his custom cast nets have been seen on cable TV fishing shows.

The official gear of Shrimping Pro Angler, Capt Lee Noga, Academy of Shrimping (Founder).

CALL  Ed (386)566-9097


  • #1 Net Requested Nationally
  • Mullet, Bait & Shrimp custom cast nets
  • Made By hand for over 45 years
  • Hand ties knots
  • The choice of commercial and recreational shrimpers
  • Choose dye your custom cast nets to express yourself
  • Choose color of webbing at the bottom of custom cast nets
  • LeeNoga Members- $15 per foot, $30 for bottom webbing
  • NON -LeeNoga Members- $18 a foot, 35 for bottom webbing
  • Order 4 – 12 foot nets.
  • Mono is 5/8 with 1.25 inch “stretch mesh
  • Order early, nets enter backlog during mid season
  • Order shrimp or bait custom cast nets

Will ship out of State or arrange for net pickup at  635 Andrews St, Ormond Beach, FL 32174


KING Of Cast Net Making…

Many years of making cast nets from personal research and development. Ed has spent countless hours diving and watching the performance of his nets opening and closing. From this research he has perfected this net from craftsmanship to performance which is why this net is the most coveted net owned by both commercial and recreational anglers.


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