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Florida winter shrimping is a popular sport among anglers from January thru June. We chase the brown & pink shrimp at night using dip nets and shrimp lights. The run is intercepted from New Smyrna Beach to Sebastian Inlet. Volusia & Brevard County are the popular hot spots in the State.

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Summer shrimping is a popular Central to North Florida sport among anglers. The summer run starts in S. Daytona - Ormond Beach early July. The length of the run can vary year to year. These shrimp are caught by cast net in the day time on the outgoing tide. As soon as they clear Central Florida, we chase them all the way to Jacksonville into the Fall.

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Florida offers us an abundance of sports. Our 50+ forums cover inshore, offshore, kayak, pier & freshwater fishing. We cover scalloping, lobster hunting, crab trapping and any niche of angling Florida offers. Whether you have a boat or not, our community builds friendships and opportunities to get involved in all that angling offers.

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Winter Shrimping 2014 is ON

April has Volusia County on fire with predictable and reliable action day after day from Lopez area of Oak Hill as far North as New Smyrna Beach pier. Oak Hill has the most impressive sizes in years average 4 and 3/4 - 5" plus. Full pulls ringing and boat chaos all over the river. Brevard County remains moody between Titusvulle pier, Haulover Canal and Railroad Bridge. Hit and Miss, taking most of the night, it has either been hot or totally cold. We just have no stability in action in N. Brevard as of April 1st.