Shrimping - How To Catch Shrimp

Shrimping Reports, How To Shrimp, Shrimping Lights & Dip Nets. Capt. Lee Noga has mentored over 22,000+ anglers teaching winter night time shrimping in Florida. She has been featured in multiple magazines, TV and radio shows. From teaching the art of shrimping to evolving the State of the art gear, all you need to know is on this website.

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Shrimping Is NOT Luck - Shrimping Is A Skill

Shrimping lights are your #1 most important shrimping gear decision. Capt Lee Noga is Florida's recreational shrimping expert. From TV to magazines, she continues to evolve the sport of shrimping. Watch her 2.5 hours seminar series on YouTube® , "How To Shrimp Florida". She has multiple patents pending on her computerized shrimping light that does 6 functions. is the exclusive distributor.

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Shrimping Reports - Statewide (Learn Where Shrimp Are)

Capt Lee Noga networks all shrimpers in the State of Florida from the Keys to the N.E. regions. Join Capt Lee on Facebook in the "Florida Shrimping Academy" for daily intel. The link is at the top of the website on the menu. We talk shrimping, shrimping lights, shrimping nets, shrimping gear and all things shrimping. Capt Lee Noga has popularized this sport and taken it from coleman lantersn to computer drive "smart" shrimping lights.

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Shrimping Lights - GO Computerized "5" Functions

Shrimping Light - WATCH the VIDEO ON RIGHT Capt Lee Noga was first granted a patent 12/2017 (multiple patents still pending) on her MacDaddy Smart Fishing and Shrimping factory made Light. This light is computer driven, 5 modes, 2 color LED, multiple cord accessories to power light (car adapter, alligator clip, our AC/DC converter). It sinks with no accessories, it floats with accessories provided, 3000 lumens after the build, high definition clarity, traffic light LED's that bomb light compared to spiral LED's that use festival diode LED's that are dull and to much space between each LED limiting its power. Spirals lights are garage built with plumbing parts.